Amazing Methods for Toothache

Amazing Methods for Toothache

There is hardly a person who has never had a toothache in his life. No matter how well the teeth are taken care of, problems begin to arise in certain periods. The most common symptom of dental problems is pain. The level of pain is not always very high. However, the discomfort it gives to people is always at a very high level. It is extremely difficult for people to concentrate on another task while suffering from a toothache. For this reason, methods that can be applied to eliminate toothache are tried in order. This is why people constantly ask the question of what is good for toothache. It is aimed to eliminate the pain as soon as possible and return to normal life.

Toothache Relief with Cloves


Clove is an important aid in eliminating the pain caused by tooth decay, thanks to the substances in it. Clove oil should be used to apply clove to the tooth. After the clove oil taken from herbalists is dripped onto a cotton ball, it is kept on the painful part for 15 minutes to alleviate the pain. The application is repeated until the pain completely disappears.


Tooth Pain Relief with Brushing


One of the first answers people give to the question of what is good for toothache is always brushing their teeth. Foods stuck in caries that cause toothache can cause very serious pain. In such a case, brushing the teeth and cleaning with dental floss can relieve the pain.


Relieve Toothache With Salt


Thanks to its antiseptic properties, salt will reduce the risk of infection in the teeth. If the cause of toothache is infections, the use of salt is useful in eliminating the pain. 1 spoon of salt added to a glass of water and mixed will be a suitable option for the relief of pain. While the use of warm water is a must, it will be necessary to gargle with the mixture obtained 3 times a day.


Relieving Toothache With Ice Application


Continuously applied ice to the human body provides local numbness. In emergency cases, even serious operations can be performed after anesthetizing with ice. In ice application, which can be used as an answer to the question of what is good for toothache, ice is applied to the area of toothache from the outside. However, it is necessary to wrap the ice in cloth. After a while, the pain disappears with numbness.


Toothache Relief With Garlic


Since garlic is always defined as a natural antibiotic, it is among the answers to the question of what is good for toothache. 4 cloves of garlic are beaten with a little salt and applied to the painful area. After waiting for about 30 minutes, it will be necessary to rinse the mouth with warm water. Although it causes a little garlic smell in the mouth, the pain disappears.


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